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Dr. Shyam Narayan Jha is a renowned scientist and is pioneering research on nondestructive evaluation of fruits’ quality and makhana processing in India. He developed novel maturity and quality indices for mango and apple and predicted them using near-infrared spectroscopy and colour, respectively.
His Design of an Evaporative Cooled Storage Structure for hot and dry region for short-period storage of fruits and vegetables, the first indigenous pilot plant for tomato processing, and ventilated and insulated freight container for trucks and train for long-distance transport of fruits and vegetables are famous in their users. The concept of quantitative quality indices given by Dr. Jha has opened a new vista of precision post-harvest technology in general and food safety and quality in particular in India.

Young Scientist Award
Rafi ahmed Kidwai Award-citation
NAAS Recognition award citation
NAAS Recognition Award Citation
Citation NADSI Fellowship
Citation Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding AICRP Award