Technological Consultancy

Any farmers, food processors, technologists, entrepreneurs, food business houses may call or write an email for any kind of advice, or suggestions they need to have in the field of Post-harvest Engineering & Technology, Food Science and Technology, Food Process Engineering and Technology, etc.

  1. Makhana/ gorgon nut popping/processing
  2. Ready-to-constitute- makhana kheer mix
  3. Other value-added products from makhana and other agri-produce
  4. Fruits and vegetables storage structure for rural areas
  5. Nondestructive determination of mango maturity, ripeness, and quality
  6. Tomato grading, sorting, and puree making
  7. Design of cold storage structures and cool chain
  8. Micro-encapsulation of valuable food ingredients
  9. Establishing Agro-processing Centres
  10. Instant detection of adulterants/quality of liquid foods
  11. Training and hands-on experiences for learning to manufacture of value-added-food products
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